Founded in 1999, Manheim Corporation immediately established the reputation of a young company qualified far beyond its years with the values and abilities of a seasoned general construction company. Utilizing the capability to self-perform an extensive portion of its projects coupled with a unique management style, Manheim was able to grow quickly and build a diversified resume of projects in seven states from West Virginia to Massachusetts. 

Manheim’s approach to every project varies but the key elements are always the same:

  • Staff by matching personnel that possess the qualities and experience for the specific project
  • Self-perform key elements of the project scope to ensure control over quality, cost and schedule
  • Build a team of subcontractors and consultants that work seamlessly before, during and after field construction
  • Use local labor, vendors, and subcontractors for a positive impact to the project and the community
  • Attack the schedule aggressively in the beginning to build contingency time
  • Involve senior management throughout the project, with true accessibility including on-site visits and an open line of communication

In addition, Manheim is careful not to overextend its resources and commitments so that each client can be assured that its project is a priority and will receive the support needed to achieve success. This approach, combined with a level of personal commitment from the company's ownership, has allowed Manheim to grow and outperform its competitors. 

What else sets Manheim apart?


In house tradesmen performing demolition, concrete, masonry, carpentry, doors & windows, interior finishes, specialties & equipment, HVAC, and many areas of sitework.







Green construction experience including LEED Silver Design/Build projects, geothermal heating and cooling, passive solar building design, living machine ecological systems, and alternative power sources and conservation.


Experience in all construction areas including:




Manheim’s business model has propelled them to the forefront of the construction industry with a competitive advantage over other larger and older companies in the northeastern region. No mottos, no tag lines, no slogans, no catch-phrases...just a personal and honest approach to a successful construction project.